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Not Enough Evidence to Link Ice Flow to Passing Ship

Andrie LLC v Bluewater Ferry Limited is an interesting case. In short, Bluewater owned a ferry terminal on the St. Claire River. On the morning of January 11, 2018, the facility was damaged by ice flowing down the river. On the same morning, a convoy of five vessels, led by an icebreaker, steamed down the St. Clair River and passed by the ferry company’s facilities. Bluewater alleged the ice flow was caused by the vessels and sued them. The question for the Court was whether there was sufficient evidence to conclude that the convoy caused the ice flow, and if so, whether the vessels were liable to Bluewater.    The Court concluded that there was insufficient evidence to link the ice flow to the ships:   “The evidence in the record leads me to conclude, on a balance of probabilities, that the passage of the convoy on January 11, 2018, did not cause the pieces of ice to dislodge and ultimately damage the Causeway. Having so concluded, the Shipowners’ motion for summary judgment is grante

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